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REIKI in Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire

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The REIKI history starts with Sensei Mikao Usui(1865-1926). 

From a very young age he was studying in a Buddhist monastery where he was taught martial arts and the Japanese form of Chi Kung, known as KiKo.

In the monastery  he discovered some old manuscripts, dating from 2,500 years ago, describing a healing method practiced by Buddha. The manuscripts were not revealing though any information about activating the energies to protect the sacred teachings from the new comers.

Mikao Usui decided to retreat for fasting, prayer and meditation for 21 days to the holy mountain Kurama Yama, not very far from the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. He had a divine experience whilst passing out he had a vision on the Tibetan symbols he was studying and new symbols whose purpose he understood.

After he came back from this experience, he descended from the mountain having the capacity to heal and he used this abilities to help others. He treated poor people, beggars and anyone without any material possibilities, but they did not appreciate the gift that Usui gave them and they went back to begging. 

After this experience Usui went back to the monastery and meditated long about what has happened, realizing that he healed only the physical side of the people but not the spiritual one.

He understood that healing can not be offered to everyone and there must be appreciation and a price as an energy exchange.

He initiated over 2000 students of which only 3 have been identified: Jusaburo Ushida,Kaniachi Taketomi and Chujiro Hayashi.

Hawayo Takata(1900-1980) was born in Hawaii from Japanese parents. After her husband's premature death, she had to work very hard in order to provide for her two children and so she became severy ill.

She came in contact with Dr. Chujiro Hayashi at his clinic in Japan where she started receiving Reiki treatment for  a couple of months. She was impressed with the results and she wanted to learn Reiki. She studied for a few years with Dr. Hayashi  in Japan, then she returned to Hawaii where she was initiated as a Reiki Master. She was the 13th and the last Reiki Master initiated by Dr. Hayashi . 


Hawayo Takata was a very powerful healer, it was she  who brought Reiki to the West and she practiced and taught Reiki for more than 40 years, initiating 22 masters which have spread Reiki  further all over the world.



Reiki and the Suble body



Reiki and the Suble body

There are seven  main CHAKRAS that correspond to seven action fields, at their intersection  forming the energy field of the living beings known as AURA field. They are vortexes formed at the encounter of cosmic energies with earth energies, entering the central channel through the first and the last chakra, then they process, transform and transmit Energy to offer a healthy functioning of the body.
In old sanskrit ''chakra'' means wheel or disc and it corresponds to the  human body energy centers. They are connected through the central channel Sushumna located along the spine and through them we are communicating with the environment and we receive information from other human beings. Besides the seven main chakras there are also  the secondary chakras (approximately 300 mini-chakras known as the acupuncture points in Chinese Medicine) and the hands/feet, eyes/ears chakras(e. g. the feet chakras maintain anchoring and earthing especially at the beginning of the kidney meridian).
The 7 main CHAKRAS 
  1. Muladhara- Is in the prolongation of the spine at the midpoint of the perineum( known as the Root CHAKRA) Represents our survival instincts and the relation with the physical world, when this Chakra works harmoniously we have healthy roots, prosperity and the sense of security. Governs the sense of smell, the bones, teeth, cartilages, nails, the adrenal glands and the inferior part of the body: bladder, intestines, prostate, rectum and anus.
  2. Svadhisthana-It is located below the umbilicus( known as the Sexual CHAKRA) Related to emotions and sexuality, connects us with others through feelings, desires, movement. When it works harmoniously we have a natural approach towards others and we feel content with our own sexuality. Governs the sense of  taste, the reproductive organs, , kidneys, the vital substances( blood, urine, digestive fluids, lymph etc), sciatic nerve, abdomen, lumbar vertebrae.
  3. Manipura- It is the located in the solar plexus below the diaphragm( known as the Power Center) and is housing the identity of the Ego. When it works harmoniously we are energized, spontaneous, have strong will power and we do not feel the need to dominate. Governs the sense of vision, the stomach, spleen, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, nervous system, produces the insulin and controls the metabolism. 
  4. Anahata- It is located in the center of the chest (known as the Heart CHAKRA) and represents the feeling of love uniting the opposites: masculine/ feminine, mind/body, ego/unity, person/shadow, cosmic/earthly. When it works harmoniously we feel peaceful and content, we have the capability to offer and receive love in a natural way. Governs the sense of touch, the heart, lungs, upper part of the back, thymus, the circulatory system, the skin and the hands.
  5. Vishuddha- It is located in throat area (known as the Communication CHAKRA) and represents self-expression, experiencing reality through the vibration of the sound ( the tongue ).When it works harmoniously we have a pleasant  full voice, we are not easily influenced by others, it is a strong bridge between the mind and emotions and we are capable to express ourselves naturally.Governs the hearing, thyroid, esophagus, neck, maxillary, respiratory system, cervical area.
  6. Ajna-It is located on the forehead 3 cm above the eyes between the eyebrows( known as The Third Eye) and is the mental command center. It is possible to communicate through telepathy and to develop clairvoyance by raising the vibration of this energy center. When it works harmoniously we are focused, we have good intuition, good memory. Governs the face, nose, forehead, ears, the left eye and the pituitary gland.
  7. Sahasrara- It is located on the top of the head( vertex) and is known as the Crown CHAKRA. It represents our consciousness, our universal identity and connects us with the Divine. When it works harmoniously we are open to spirituality, knowledge, wisdom and happiness. Governs the superior aspect of the head, the brain, the pineal gland and the right eye.
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